At Calvary Chapel we have various ministries available to you, to help you connect with other brothers and sisters. Click the arrows on the left, to browse the information below and contact the ministry leader for additional information.

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Teaching the Word of God, sharing the love of Jesus, encouraging children to reflect the love of Jesus to others, is our fuel to influence the lives of the children at City 365. Every aspect of ministry is carefully considered to promote a greater understanding of the love and knowledge of Jesus Christ. From the worship, lessons, activities, we seek to make your child’s time safe, enjoyable and fruitful.

City 365 begins with an interactive time of praise and worship.   After worship, children breakout into their assigned class, by age group.  Each class discusses a portion of scripture from the Bible, with applicable lessons tailored to age and level of understanding.   Lastly, we participate in crafts and other activities relating to the day’s lesson with further discussion about what we learned that day.

Ministry Information:
City 365 is offered during all sanctuary services.
Prayer Meetings held every 1st and 3rd Sunday at 5:15pm.
Contact: Children’s Ministry Leadership Team


{thep31project} is inspired by the Proverbs 31 woman, a beautiful woman with diligent, hardworking, kind and loving characteristics. Our lives become a work (or project) of God,  He shapes, molds and sculpts us into His image, for His glory as we possess more qualities of the Proverbs 31 woman.

Even in our busy lives as sisters, daughters, mothers, and workers, we need one another. Visit our website for devotionals, encouragement, submit a prayer request or even share a recipe!

Ministry Information:
Tuesday Night Bible Study at 7pm
Monthly Prayer Meetings
Visit our Women’s Ministry Site

Contact: Micheline Sullivan

Growing up in the knowledge and wisdom of Jesus Christ is the heartbeat of this ministry, no matter how old you are. Being guided and influenced by the Word of God in our daily life is essential to be an effective student, son, father or brother. Several opportunities are offered throughout the year to be encouraged, and challenged to be a mighty man of God in today’s age.

Meeting Information:
Friday Morning Bible Study 6-7:30am
Monthly Prayer and Breakfast Meetings